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Worlds described here are environments inside the Public Free Activeworlds universe, where you can build anything you desire. From cities to rolling landscapes, from exotic destinations to something out of science fiction, your world can be anything you want. Why stick with just one theme when you can mix and match?

The World Guide aims to help you get started with your world by providing official and community-created materials and resources.

If you're still on the fence about purchasing a world, here's a helpful chart with the features that each world provides, along with how many users it can hold simultaneously, its credit price, and its size. Worlds do not include hosting, and there is no setup fee. Prices are annual (365 days).

Configuration Size N,S,E,W Features Simultanous Users Credits Action
P-10 10 N/A 10 200 AWC Purchase
P-20 20 Voice chat 50 600 AWC Purchase
P-30 30 Voice chat 50 1,200 AWC Purchase
P-40 40 Voice chat 50 2,000 AWC Purchase
P-50 50 Voice chat 50 3,000 AWC Purchase
P-60 60 Voice chat 50 4,200 AWC Purchase
P-70 70 Voice chat 50 5,600 AWC Purchase
P-80 80 Voice chat 50 7,200 AWC Purchase
P-90 90 Voice chat 50 9,000 AWC Purchase
P-100 100 Voice chat 50 11,000 AWC Purchase

ActiveWorlds provides free resources for download to get started on your world.

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