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About ActiveWorlds, Inc.
ActiveWorlds offers a comprehensive platform for efficiently delivering real-time interactive 3D content over the web. ActiveWorlds' 3D content is dynamic, visually compelling and most importantly provides users a richer, more exciting online experience. Applications for ActiveWorlds' 3D technology are as diverse, creative and exciting as the product itself.

For consumers, ActiveWorlds hosts a free Universe of over 600 3D virtual reality worlds. In these worlds you can choose from a vast array of avatars that fit your personality (or your perceived personality - that's half the fun!). You can then move about, play online games, shop and make friends with people from all over the planet. You can even stake claim to a piece of land and build your own virtual home, mansion, estate or castle! If you like to travel, there is plenty to explore. With Active Worlds' most popular world, AlphaWorld, boasting virtual land space larger than California, there is plenty of opportunity to be awed by the creations of others!

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